Eric Pyne is officially licensed to build in Michigan! The Department of Labor and
Economic Growth certifies that Eric Pyne has the skills and moral character needed to
serve the construction and remodeling needs of Michigan residents.
The Emmett-Fitzgerald home, pictured above, is the
best-insulated home in Benzie County!
Cutting-edge energy saving homes!
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Building homes and other buildings for the last 25 years.
Eric Pyne is pleased to announce that the latest project, the Emmet-Fitzgerald home,
has achieved a 5-star energy star rating.  This superefficient home was the tightest our
blower-door tester had ever measured!  Watch this site for more technical info about this
home as Doreen Fitzgerald writes an article about the project, describing in detail how
the home saves energy and money!
Not just Green.  Bright Green!
Eric Pyne offers the latest in superefficient home construction, double-envelope and
thermal flywheel technology.  Experienced in working with strawbale, rammed earth,
and skin-on-frame, as well as stick built and traditional masonry.  
Eric Pyne